Tuesday, September 11, 2012



Initially I will explain all of the things I learned in the first class of academic communication.Beginning of my research was on the ground and the high temperature and all the things which I posted in prezi and related to the  reasons and how to deal and the second search started about academic education and in education and self-development in the field of online and meet new friends.


 Introduction is the first talk between two people because of the reason for the establishment of this research and because of many want to know about our self befour being friend. It's very comfortable for each.  


I have created this search to its many reasons which related to our world of high temperature and agriculture help to purify the air and moisturizing.The purpose of this is to present to the people and warn them of the future and to benefit all. It's too easy and  usefull to work on it.

Academic Education
 There are many way to communicate with other and share the information in the internet with friend and other such as blogger . The purpose of this search is the meet new friend and post new things that from my opinion. Academic education is very good subject to learn.

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