Saturday, July 21, 2012

Academic Education

To begin, I have joined the navy college of the uae to be a great naval officer you should have very good skill in communication composition English. However much that I was learn in navy about the academic composition will help us in the life.
Secondly there are many way to communicate with other and share the information in the internet with friend and other such as blogger and prezi so when I was out of college I don’t understand this way of communicate but when I have join the naval college I I learned and mastered this way. Correspondingly the relationship with my friend is very well from before.
In conclusion there are many of my friend I miss them from many years ago I have meet them in google docx  gmail and blogger and I share with them my case and information so  in addition I advise you to learn and have a great idea about academic computation.

1-First of all, I learned how to deal with the blogger to Post Information.
2-I've learned to deal with gmail and how to send messages to my friends.
3-Blogger I met new friends and we exchanged views on many things.
4-In the academic education I learned to send a file and share it with friends.
5-The important point I learned to write the report and diagnosis in the subjects.
6-The new technology is easy and comfortable for me now.
7-I've learned to deal with servery monkey.
8-Gained a lot of experience in the view and the participation of the idea.
9-Gained a lot of experience in dealing with the Excel and PowerPoint.
10-Create questions about a particular topic and answers collected from the servery monkey.